The Forget Me Not portrait series includes subjects from all walks of life, who live, work or travel in the Napa Valley. Quintana's own family had their photographs taken in Puerto Rico year after year by the same photographer. With this tradition in mind, she commissioned an artist to paint a 10' x 14' backdrop and wooden column prop to recreate the look and sentiment of her family photographs. In front of this backdrop, Quintana captured a variety of personalities, from migrant workers to military officers, a local centenarian and a young hula dancer. These portraits document the fabric of a community.

In the Atlas Fire of 2017, Quintana lost her studio containing the framed Forget Me Not series, the hand-painted backdrop and wooden stand. Undaunted by the set back, she applied for a grant from Arts Council Napa Valley to continue the series, documenting the faces of those recovering from natural disasters from Napa Valley to Butte County to Puerto Rico. The Community Fund Fire Grant and future donations will help reconstruct the backdrop and stand, and set up portrait sessions in affected regions. To contribute contact:

All images are copyrighted © Norma I. Quintana.